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Agreement between Truck Owner and Driver

Agreement Between Truck Owner and Driver: Essential Terms and Conditions

Trucking businesses rely heavily on the agreement between truck owner and driver, which is a binding contract that specifies the terms and conditions of the arrangement. This agreement outlines the responsibilities, obligations, and compensation of both parties involved in the trucking operation. As a professional, I will provide essential terms and conditions that should be included in the agreement between truck owner and driver.

1. Responsibilities of the Driver

The driver is responsible for the safe and timely delivery of goods. They must operate the truck in accordance with the law and maintain proper documentation, such as a logbook and driving records. The driver should also perform routine maintenance tasks, including checking the oil and other fluids, tires, brakes, and lights.

2. Responsibilities of the Truck Owner

The truck owner is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the truck. They should provide the driver with a safe and reliable vehicle. The owner should also ensure that the truck is compliant with all regulations and standards, such as having the correct permits and licenses and keeping up with inspections.

3. Compensation and Payment

The agreement between the truck owner and driver should specify the payment terms and conditions, such as how much the driver will be paid, when and how often payment will be made, and whether there will be any deductions or bonuses. It is also essential to note whether the driver will be paid based on a fixed rate or a percentage of the final delivery cost.

4. Liability and Insurance

The agreement should also outline the liability and insurance requirements for both parties. The driver should have their worker`s compensation and liability policy, while the truck owner should have comprehensive insurance that covers any damages, accidents, or thefts. Additionally, the agreement should specify who will be responsible for any damages or accidents that occur during the trucking operation.

5. Termination and Renewal

The agreement should include terms for termination and renewal of the contract. For instance, the agreement may specify that either party may terminate the contract with notice or for cause. Additionally, the contract may be renewed after a certain period, such as six months or one year.


The agreement between truck owner and driver is an essential document that provides clarity and protection for both parties. As a professional, I recommend including the above essential terms and conditions in the agreement to ensure a successful and profitable trucking operation. Additionally, it is crucial to ensure that the agreement complies with all pertinent laws and regulations in your jurisdiction.

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