Section 25 Highways Act Agreement

Section 25 Highways Act Agreement: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re planning on carrying out work that could potentially affect a publicly maintained highway, you may need a section 25 Highways Act agreement. In this article, we’ll explore what a section 25 agreement is, why you might need one, and how to go about getting one.

What is a Section 25 Highways Act Agreement?

A section 25 Highways Act agreement is a legal document that gives a person – typically a developer – the right to carry out works that may affect a publicly maintained highway. The agreement is sometimes required as part of a planning permission condition, and it typically requires the person carrying out the works to either repair or compensate the highway authority for any damage caused.

Why Might You Need a Section 25 Agreement?

You might require a section 25 agreement if your planned works will affect the public highway. This could include the installation of a new driveway, the construction of a new access road, or the installation of utilities such as gas pipes or electrical cables.

The purpose of the agreement is to ensure that any works carried out do not pose a risk to safety or compromise the road’s structural integrity. It also ensures that the highway authority is not left to pick up the tab if any damage is caused.

How to Obtain a Section 25 Agreement

If you think you might require a section 25 Highways Act agreement, you should contact your local highway authority. They will be able to advise you on whether an agreement is needed and guide you through the process.

Typically, the process will involve submitting an application to the highway authority, providing plans and other necessary information, and paying a fee. The highway authority will then review the application and, if everything is in order, issue the section 25 agreement.

Final Thoughts

A section 25 Highways Act agreement is a legal requirement that ensures any works carried out on the public highway are safe and do not cause damage. If you’re planning work that could potentially affect a publicly maintained highway, it’s vital to check whether a section 25 agreement is needed and to follow the necessary steps to obtain one. By doing so, you’ll avoid any legal issues, keep the highway safe, and ensure that any repair costs are covered.

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